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Candy.adult Gets A Sweet Release

Candy.adult Gets A Sweet Release

Media Contact: Denise Kraft, Naughty PR – denise@naughtypr.com

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — May 3, 2016 — Las Vegas, NV — Social Media Pioneer PornStarTweet.com and it’s sister platforms are proud to announce the final beta tests of it’s newest Social Media and Viral experimental site, www.Candy.adult, are complete and the platform is fully launched and available to consumers and industry. Candy.adult is adult entertainment answer to viral media platforms like BuzzFeed.com; with some uniquely Adult features — and as always completely integrated with the entire Social Media network.

Candy.adult (www.candy.adult) offers consumers an interactive and exciting platform for News, Gossip, Events, Appearances, and Latest Trailers, along with uniquely interactive lists and quizzes specifically focused at adult entertainment. Candy kicked off it’s Beta testing with it’s very popular and controversial “Worst Dressed” coverage of the 2016 AVN Award Red Carpet (see http://candy.porn/list/23-more-skin-than-dress-at-the-2016-avn-award-red-carpet and http://candy.porn/list/2016-avn-awards-worst-dressed). Consumers are encouraged and welcome to contribute to the site as well by creating lists and quizzes about their favorite adult entertainment topics, stars, websites and movies.

“Candy is a new matrix in consumer focused viral platforming,” said Pete Housley CEO. “We’ve been testing for some time with industry professionals as well as consumers — not surprisingly the engagement and view rate of news and media; as well as retention/returning users is simply staggering. Consumers look for interactivity, not just boring news items — Candy gives them everything they want.”

For Industry professionals Candy.adult was designed specifically to allow new ways to put news and information in the view of consumers. Marketers can virally engage with end users directly to instantly post News, Video Trailers, Quizzes, Photos, and Lists — which are then pushed out through the PornStarTweet network of Social Media accounts to more than 750,000 followers and friends.

“We invited industry publicists to test Candy and the response has been great”, continued Housley. “Future thinking PR professionals see the old method of writing a release and putting it out on the ‘wire’ and hoping that a writer sees it and thinks it worthy of a story — gone. Consumers are looking for news with a side of entertainment. Candy gives marketers new tools to engage consumers ever more hungry for entertainment.”

Candy.adult (which also answers on Candy.porn, Candy.xxx, and Candy.sex) absorbed news and gossip platform, Tattle.xxx, acquired by the PST Networks in 2013.

For advertisers; Candy platform offers bleeding-edge industry leading capabilities including paid traditional static/rotating banner and background placements, in-line banner placements through interactive content, Candy also incorporates unique pre-roll video advertising on most of the videos on the platform.

“Candy was designed for both the grassroots marketer as well as the well funded ad placement buyers — if you have no budget, limited budget or unlimited budget Candy offers some very unique ways to get consumers to pay attention to your message,” said Denise Kraft, Editor At-Large for the site.

Consumers and industry professionals can sign up for an account to create content on Candy here: http://candy.adult/register. Unique advertising opportunities are available throughout Candy.adult platform, for more information contact Denise Kraft (denise@candy.adult).

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Venus Rising — the First Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game to feature Sexual Quests and Achievements Opens for Public Beta


Venus Rising Poster
Venus Rising Poster

September 14, 2015 – Austin, TX — FoxySoft proudly announced this morning that after nearly two years in development the first Public Beta version of “Venus Rising” will be opened to a limited number of public users for trial testing.  Venus Rising is the first of it’s kind Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) offering a robust story line with quests like other games involving battle, problem solving, and developing skills — however Venus Rising uniquely offers quests that require a different kind of  “Swordplay” as player characters and non-player characters (NPC’s) also interact sexually to gain new skills and moves in the bedroom in addition to those on the battlefield. Immersive reality truly creates a virtual life for characters who can own land, build wealth and live an alternative life as an ancient Roman.

Venus Rising insures scalable, extensive stability and support by building upon a non-proprietary gaming platform; the same platform selected by Zenimax Online for “Elder Scrolls Online”, as well as Electronic Arts’ BioWare division for their wildly popular “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. Similarly, Venus Rising is free to play; with some quests and features unlocked through a small monthly subscription fee of $10.00 USD.

“Developing Venus Rising has become a labor of love”, says Alex Allen, CEO of FoxySoft. “It’s truly amazing to see what started as a simple idea grow into a fully functional virtual world that is as true in it’s nature as possible to Roman times. As a gamer myself, it was important to me that this game appeal to both male and female gamers of all sexual orientations.”

The first Public Beta test for Venus Rising is free and now open to the first 500 approved applicants who are 18+ years of age. To sign up, interested users should follow the directions provided here http://foxysoft.net/Members.html to request a Beta Key and game client download instructions.

“Sexual activities are very much a part of the player’s character development; you aren’t simply running around having all the sex you want — just like you can’t run around killing everything all the time,” Allen explains. “Players progress through levels of expertise to eventually have 16 sexual positions during an encounter. Players will be able to invite other players into their personal homes or into a game-provided room to engage in sexual activities. Or, players can visit any one of the many brothels to learn and gain prowess from an automated character.”

Venus Rising Game Photo

Public interest in Venus Rising is significant which is evidenced by the more than 24,000 likes on its Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/OrgiaRomanus).  FoxySoft intends to launch Venus Rising for general consumer use later this year after some further stress and functionality testing in the Public Beta. Like other MMORPG games, once launched, FoxySoft will continue to add new features, lands and quests to the ever- growing online community.

Press interested in scheduling a Venus Rising guided tour and/or interviewing FoxySoft founder/CEO Alex Allen should contact Pete Housley of NaughtyPR at phousley@naughtypr.com.

About FoxySoft Games

FoxySoft Logo17-year veteran MMORPG developer Alex Allen, who has worked on other titles such as “D.C. Universe Online” was tired of the hectic schedule and constant layoffs in the gaming industry, so she created FoxySoft Games in 2012 to develop niche games that combine elements of MMOs and sexy adult themes.  Venus Rising will be FoxySoft’s first publically available game. For more information on Venus Rising and other development projects, visit www.FoxySoft.net


Nasstoys Taps NaughtyPR

Nasstoys Taps NaughtyPR


Media Contact: Denise Kraft, NaughtyPR, 206-852-1656

September 2, 2015 – Las Vegas, NV — Industry veteran manufacturer Nasstoys (http://www.nasstoys.com) announced this morning, from the 2015 Fall International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, that after a comprehensive search they have selected to contract NaughtyPR (www.naughtypr.com) for all future press and media relations as well as social media and content creation.

“We are very excited to add Denise and her team to the Nasstoys family” said Elliot Schwartz, President of Nasstoys.

Nasstoys is presenting a number of their bestsellers this week at ILS along with new products from the Surenda Collection. The Surenda Oral Vibe; a five function vibrator that hooks into the cheek giving a whole new dimension to oral lovemaking has quickly become a top seller. Additionally on display is the Nasstoys Amore Collection featuring products that are fully USB rechargeable and made of 100% silicone.

“We’re very excited to be working with Nasstoys; truly one of the founders of the modern day novelties and toy business world we now all enjoy. Working with companies and individual visionaries that not only set the standard but continue to innovate is a dream come true”, said Denise Kraft CEO of NaughtyPR.  “There is no higher honor than being selected to work with these amazing companies and people to continue to grow their legendary brands and products; keeping them fresh, competitive and targeted at an ever changing demographic.”

“In a continued effort to support our distributors and retailers Nasstoys hired NaughtyPR for their expansive skill set that will help enable our brand to expand through accessibility and reach. We are broadening our social media platforms as well as focusing on promoting our top selling products and new collections” said Kathryn Hartman, Director of Sales and Marketing for Nasstoys.

NaughtyPR is a full-service publicity, marketing and consulting agency with deep roots in the adult entertainment industry. NaughtyPR high profile client list also includes Abco Research, the makers of the World-Famous Sybian and live stream giant Streamate.

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