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Blazed Studios and Candy.adult Spread Holiday Cheer Sybian Style

Blazed Studios and Candy.adult Spread Holiday Cheer Sybian Style

Media Contact: Denise Kraft, Naughty Business, denise@naughtybiz.com

Las Vegas, NV – December 20, 2016 — Viral Social Media platform Candy.adult (www.candy.adult) in association with Blazed Studios (http://blazedstudios.com/) is releasing five exclusive scenes with a ‘holiday vibe’ courtesy of the World Famous Sybian by following this link http://rcp.tw/sybianxmas.

Blazed Studios provided the five hot X-Rated scenes in the first of an ongoing content partnership with the XBIZ Award Nominated Viral Media platform Candy.adult which launched earlier in 2016. The five vignettes feature porn stars Lexi Luna, Cherry Morgan, Dava Foxx, Natalie Monroe, and Reagan Lush straddling the World Famous Sybian (www.sybian.com) as they try desperately to focus on reading the “Twas the Night Before Christmas” while naughty elves off camera take control of the sex machine.

“This is the kind of partnership that Candy.adult was founded to develop”, said Andrew Housley of Candy.adult. “Our growing viewer base absolutely loves unique and entertaining content like this and it won’t just get lost on some tube site. These two posts have seen more than 75,000 views since they were posted this week.”

Cherry Morgan and Dava Foxx scenes are currently available while the other three scenes will be released by Christmas Eve; check back with Candy.adult all week for updates http://rcp.tw/sybianxmas. Extended versions of the five exclusive scenes and other content will be featured on a new DVD title coming from Blazed Studios and Pure Play in 2017. Stay tuned to Blazed Studios Twitter account for updates and availability @blazedstudios (https://twitter.com/blazedstudios).

The XBIZ Award Nominee Candy.adult has made a stir in the adult industry since its humble launch a mere 10 months ago. Its controversial lists of best, sluttiest and worst dressed (http://bit.ly/1TmyYiv) “porn-lebrities” from the 2016 XXX Award Season Red Carpet coverage built the foundation of the success of this highly viral social media platform and set the bar for numerous other articles that have covered a wide variety of topics. The platform is unique in that 90% of the content is “user generated” and not curated and rehashed by journalists; merely moderated.

Websites, Content Producers and PR Agents are encouraged to create unique partnerships with Candy.adult for more information http://candy.porn/contact.

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