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Impulse Novelties Set to Debut Three New Products this Month

Impulse Novelties Set to Debut 3 New Products this Month

Media Contact: Denise Kraft, NaughtyPR, denise@naughtypr.com, 206-852-1656

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 4, 2017 – Chatsworth, CA – Award-winning adult intimate lifestyle brand Impulse Novelties (www.theclosetcollectiontoys.com) is pleased to announce three new products set to debut this month at ANME and ANE.

Impulse Novelties luxurious collections, the Closet Collection and Black Door will be adding a new set of fully rechargeable items that will including a new bullet, the Closet Collection’s first ever wand and Black Door #21.

“We are very excited to be releasing these new items in January and expect buyers and retailers to have the same kind of enthusiasm that they have over our previous releases” said Ernestine Touon, Impulse Novelties Founder and Designer.

The newest additions to the Closet Collection will be ‘Loretta’ a powerful and sleek rechargeable
wand available in pink and purple, and ‘Isabella’ a newly redesigned rechargeable bullet based off the success of the Closet Collections best-seller “Jill” who has sold out twice since it’s launch in July. ‘Isabella’ will be available in pink and turquoise. Impulse Novelties new rechargeable items are all made of body safe materials, in exquisite all-in-one packaging that sets Impulse Novelties apart on the shelf.

“These new items will be a wonderful addition to our line. With the latest styles selling out during the pre-order stage, I think these will go just as fast. It is exciting to see such a wonderful set of products take off so quickly. You will not want to miss out on ordering these at the show” said Sara Hentcy, Impulse Novelties Sales Director.

Stop by and see the new Impulse Novelties items at the upcoming ANME show in Burbank booth #L19 and then in Las Vegas at ANE in booth #511. Buyers interest in setting up a meeting should email sales@theclosetcollectiontoys.com or contact their sales rep.

To see Impulse Novelties full lines and collections please visit their official website www.theclosetcollection.com and follow them through social media on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/impulsenoveltiesinc, Twitter @impulsetoys and on Instagram @impulsenovelties.

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Impulse Novelties Partners with System JO

Impulse Novelties Partners with System JO

Media Contact: Denise Kraft, NaughtyPR, denise@naughtypr.com, 206-852-1656

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 21, 2016 – Chatsworth, CA – Adult intimate lifestyle brand Impulse Novelties (www.theclosetcollectiontoys.com) announced today a partnership with personal lubricant innovator System JO (www.systemjo.com) to include a foil sample of System JO lubricant with Impulse Novelties’ Closet Collection and Black Door products.

The partnership between the two companies offers consumers the opportunity to try a sample of System JO lubricant that has been thoughtfully paired with each Impulse Novelties collection to enhance the user’s overall experience.

“We are happy to be partnering with a company who shares the commitment to providing an outstanding quality product to the consumer. The System JO lubricants are the perfect enhancement for our products and we are excited about this endeavor” said Ernestine Touon, Impulse Novelties Founder and Designer.

Impulse Novelties’ award winning Closet Collection will now include a sample of System JO AGAPÉ (Ah-gah-pay) specifically designed to mimic a woman’s natural lubrication by matching the ideal pH range of a healthy vaginal environment. AGAPÉ’s water-based formula is free of glycerin, glycol and parabens. The incredibly light formula provides a delicate glide that feels as smooth as silk, working perfectly with any Closet Collection pleasure product to improve comfort and heighten pleasure.

The popular Black Door Collection from Impulse Novelties is an elegant collection of anal pleasure products for him and her. The Black Door Collection will now come with a sample of System JO H2O Jelly Light which is perfect for more adventurous play. H2O Jelly Light provides users with a thicker texture, with no stick or tack, making this product great for toy use and anal play. The H2O Jelly Light is formulated using a pure plant sourced glycerin and provides a paraben free option that focuses on delivering a trusted product for consumers with specific needs or making distinct ingredient driven decisions.

“Just as a lubricant must be felt to truly become loved – so do Closet Collection Toys/Black Door Toys. I first came in contact with this luxury line back in my retail days and the silky smooth finish was more than memorable.” said Ryan McCrobie, System JO Product Education Specialist. “As a lubricant manufacturer, part of our sexual education platform is to ensure that lubricants are always used in conjunction with toy-play. Not only does it establish a more comfortable experience from start to finish, but it also empowers users to explore new options.”

Buyers interested in picking up either the Closet Collection and/or Black Door products with the new System JO samples should check with their distributors or email sales@theclosetcollectiontoys.com.

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