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XBIZ Award Nominee Candy.adult Now Accepting Sponsor Partners

XBIZ Award Nominee Candy.adult Now Accepting Sponsor Partners

Media Contact: Denise Kraft, denise@naughtypr.com

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — November 23, 2016 – Las Vegas, NV — Fresh on the heels of its first major award nomination from XBIZ, consumer buzz & news platform Candy.adult (http://candy.adult) proudly announces that it is accepting online advertisers for unique sponsor opportunities.

Candy.adult has made a stir in the adult industry since its humble launch a mere 10 months ago. Its controversial lists of best, sluttiest and worst dressed (http://bit.ly/1TmyYiv) “porn-lebrities” from the 2016 XXX Award Season Red Carpet coverage built the foundation of the success of this highly viral social media platform and set the bar for numerous other articles that have covered a wide variety of topics. The platform is unique in that 90% of the content is “user generated” and not curated and rehashed by journalists; merely moderated.

“Sure, there is a bunch of adult ‘news’ around but with Candy we wanted to create something special”, said Andrew Housley, Candy 5-Star Moderator General. “This platform encourages consumers to post the topics they are passionate about, stuff like the latest xxx releases, appearances or their favorite lists, like our Top 10 Anal Loving Porn Stars (http://bit.ly/2gDxTrX) which has nearly 1 million views alone. We were looking to create something that consumers loved for more than just a ‘quickie’ like they do with tube sites; Candy is a growing living community.”

Candy.adult team is no stranger to Social Media; it was developed and maintained by the same team that built and operates PornStarTweet.com, Star.XXX and the entire Naughty Tweet Network. Candy.adult traffic statistics are through the roof in retention and visit duration; with more than 2 million monthly page views and 10’s of thousands of unique visitors a day; whom are highly interactive and engaged through polls, quizzes and other interactive content.

Candy is different throughout; but most importantly in sponsor tools and placements beyond traditional banner placements including unique pre-roll clickable video advertisements that run in front of all the video content on the platform. Candy.adult also offers complete site skin takeovers as well as sponsored posts for news, photo galleries, videos, quizzes and polls.

“We’re immensely honored to be nominated for a 2017 Xbiz Award in the Adult Site of the Year — Fan Site category”, said Pete Housley Candy.adult creator. “To be included in that lineup of industry leading websites is simply an awesome accomplishment for a site and platform as new as Candy. We’re extremely proud to see that consumers and the industry at large have really embraced the new concepts and interactive features we’ve developed and we sincerely appreciate all of the new ideas presented every day to grow the platform.”

Coverage of the 2017 Adult Industry Award season will start in December; Candy.adult will be the source for unfiltered, non-politically correct updates throughout the season. Traffic and engagement will be higher than ever as the world votes. For more information about sponsorship opportunities on Candy.adult please contact phousley@naughtybiz.com.


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Dick Burns’ 3rd Degree gets Quizzical on the new .porn TLD

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 5. 2015 – Las Vegas, NV — In conjunction with today’s launch of the .porn and .adult Top Level Domains from ICM Registry; the Naughty Tweet Network (parent to PornStarTweet.com, Tattle.XXX and Star.XXX) are proud to announce their newest and most unique property to date lauching on the new .porn TLD — “Dick Burns’ 3rd Degree” (www.3rd.porn).  Dick Burns’ 3rd Degree is a new fun interactive “quiz” site for consumers and fans to test their knowledge of Adult Entertainment, Sex, Relationships, Toys and of course how well they know their favorite Porn Stars.


The new custom designed www.3rd.porn relies heavily on Social Media integration and its sister sites; specifically PornStarTweet, Star.XXX and the rest of the Naughty Tweet Network of sites massive following nearing 1 million to gain a strong virial traction.


Dick Burns’ 3rd Degree launches today with five brand new quizzes that stress test even the most hardcore of porn fans.  ‘Sex Toy or Dog Toy’ (http://3rd.porn/quizzes/dog-toy-or-sex-toy/39) showcases just how animalistic sexually we as humans really are; then ‘What Do You Really Know About Sex’ (http://3rd.porn/quizzes/sex/31) tests even the most perverted as to the origins of sex.  ‘Name that Butt’ (http://3rd.porn/quizzes/name-that-butt-porn-star-edition/30) and ‘Porn Star Tattoos’ (http://3rd.porn/quizzes/porn-star-tattoos/38) take a much more visual approach and bring an all new meaning to “Pop Quiz”. A new series of quizzes called ‘Dick Deep Inside’ will be revealing to test-takers knowledge of their favorite Porn Stars and Adult Entertainment Celebrities.


“Social Media is all about engaging and entertaining and audience”, said Andrew Housley who will helm the platform. “We created Dick Burns’ 3rd Degree to be an entertaining, interactive website that draws users into having fun while we also present them with some sponsored advertising. This has proven to be very success in the mainstream because it goes beyond traditional banner advertising – this is truly interactive in generic quizzes; but the platform was designed to be robust to create custom quiz campaigns for website, production companies, toy manufacturers and more to increase brand awareness and direct sales.”


As for Dick Burns; his story is still a bit of a mystery that is expected to unfold as the site grows – but rest assured he’s up to the challenges ahead. Dick himself will not be able to attend the forthcoming Exxxotica Expo in Chicago (June 12-14); but Dick Burns’ 3rd Degree will make its inaugural appearance at the show along with its sister sites and some great new giveaways.


Companies looking to expand their marketing and advertising to the strong social and virial opportunities that Dick Burns’ 3rd Degree will make available should contact Denise Kraft (denise@naughtytweet.com) for more information.