Sybian Introduces Limited Edition Holiday ‘Sugar Plum’

Sybian Introduces Limited Edition Holiday ‘Sugar Plum’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, November 14, 2014- Las Vegas, NV- Sybian, a leader in sexual wellness products is pleased to announce the release of their 2014 Limited Edition Holiday ‘Sugar Plum’ Sybian. The custom Limited Edition ‘Sugar Plum’ is a light, iridescent shade of purple with a small striped pattern giving the product a soft, subtle texture.

For more than 25 years the Sybian has been the established go to product for a powerful orgasm; earlier this year Sybian introduced the product in four new colors Pink, Red, Blue and Earth. Since launching the new colors, Sybian has been inundated with requests from customers to make the product in a variety of other colors. This is the first Sybian Limited Edition and a must have for pleasure product aficionados.

“We are thrilled to be offering the Sybian in a Limited Edition color for the first time in company history” said Sybian inventor Dave Lampert. “We truly appreciate our customers and try to cater to their requests. This holiday season we have the Sybian in 6 colors total and are hoping to see continued growth in sales so that we can make other limited editions in the future.”

The Limited Edition Sugar Plum Sybian is now available at through December 31st. Sybian continues to be available in Black, Pink, Red, Blue and Earth at

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About Sybian
Since its introduction in 1987 Sybian is still the most sophisticated sexual aid available on the market today. Sybian’s unrivaled powerful design and variety of attachments enable users to heighten their sexual responsiveness, achieve maximum pleasure and customize their orgasm with every use. The user-controlled vibration and rotation speeds, along with the ability to be mounted surpass the features of any other device on the market. Sybian is now available in Pink, Red, Blue, Earth and classic Black with a wide range of attachments available. For more information visit and follow Sybian through social media on twitter @Sybian and on facebook

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