1 Million Tweets from PornStars



Twitter Aggregator site, PornStarTweet.com, monitored it’s One Millionth Tweet on August 27 from Porn Star Madison Young.

Media Contact: Pete Housley, 702-860-2470, phousley@naughtytweet.com

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 31, 2009 – Las Vegas, NV – Naughty Tweet Network, parent company of PornStarTweet.com, ALTGirlTweet.com, BBWGirlTweet.com, GayStarTweet.com, WebGirlTweet.com and PornExecTweet.com, announced today that on August 27, 2009 at 11:29pm their service reach a major milestone when it monitored the One Millionth (1,000,000) tweet sent by Porn Stars since it’s launch on February 22, 2009. In commemoration of the achievement NaughtyTweet has launched two new services, one specifically for adult webmasters to participate directly in the continuing boom of technology called Twitter!

The One Millionth tweet was from Porn Star, “Sexual Revolutionary and Artist”, Madison Young. The tweet was received on Thursday August 27, 2009 at 11:29:07pm and stated simply, “Oral Fixation now satisfied”.

“We were watching closely as we counted down to the 1 million mark last week”, said Alyss Heart, Webmistress. “When we finally saw Madison’s tweet it was clear that it had been destined to be the winner just by it’s content. Madison was very excited about the achievement and forwarded along a special new photo for use in this release from her upcoming, unreleased, feature “Queer Manor”.”

Madison Young is one of the nearly 475 Porn Stars who’s daily Twitter messages, or “Tweets”, are monitored and aggregated by the NaughtyTweet Network for the site PornStarTweet.com, and more than 1,100 profiles network wide. PornStarTweet.com officially started recording tweets on February 22, 2009 – the One Million mark was met on day 189, for an average daily tweet count of 5,376. Tweets by Porn Stars containing photos average 150 per day, a total of more than 28,000 have been monitored since launch.

“Obviously these numbers are nothing to laugh about, Twitter may be a “fad” but it’s a damn big one”, said Pete Housley CEO. “Over the past 6 months we have watched PornStarTweet.com explode from originally monitoring a mere 17 stars to now almost 475. Mind you this is JUST PornStarTweet, our other sites are expanding equally as rapid.”

PhotoStream Launch – The NaughtyTweet Network has taken all of the photos collected over the past 6 months and all future photos into a brand new feature called a “PhotoStream”. Users can now see and vote on a live stream of photos as they are tweeted from all the sites in the NaughtyTweet network. Free and instant access http://photostream.pornstartweet.com.

Widgets – NaughtyTweet Network is proud to also announce new tools for webmasters, bloggers, and users of social networks. Widgets for all sites have been created using industry standard WidgetBox.com, that include live tweets and photos from the individual sites. Interested parties can find links to Widgets are located here: http://naughtytweet.com/archives/839.

“At webmaster conferences and in forums we’ve been asked over and over how regular webmasters can leverage Twitter and to build some tools for webmasters and bloggers. We wanted to build something they would like and would be informational to users. What we’ve created is unique in that in is a stream of photos as well as tweets. These are drop in Widgets which can be customized to any site – giving anyone the power of Twitter on their site, blog or social network pages within moments”, said Alyss Heart.

About Madison Young
“Changing the Face of Feminism One Anal Scene at a Time”
Awarded Indie Porn Pioneer and Best Kink Film from the Feminist Porn Awards 2009.
Voted One of the Top Ten Bondage Models in the world by BondageAwards.com
Voted Best SM Suspension Model by Bishop Awards
Voted best Kinky Movie by Feminist Porn Awards.

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