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Ride BodyWorx Relaunches Website with New Look

Ride BodyWorx Relaunches Website with New Look

Media Contact: Denise Kraft, NaughtyPR, denise@naughtypr.com, 206-852-1656

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 16, 2018 – Dallas, TX – Ride BodyWorx, the male-focused product line from Sliquid; a leader in the cleanest, safest, simplest intimate products on the market is pleased to announce a re-design and re-launch of Ride BodyWorx official website www.ridelube.com.

Ride BodyWorx new site is edgier, with original content including new imagery that is focused directly at the modern man; specifically the LGBTQ modern man. The new site is more user-friendly with easy navigation, a better layout, social media integration, and is fully responsive and mobile friendly for a convenient and stress free shopping experience.

“This new year is bringing with it a whole new style and attitude for the RIDE BodyWorx brand. The packaging has always presented a sophisticated, masculine sex appeal; however, the brand’s identity needs to match that narrative. The new ridelube.com is more user-friendly, more streamlined in its functionality, more aesthetically in-line with the story we are conveying, and it will feature updated content that is pertinent to the modern, sexually driven male that is the RIDE customer” said Erik Vasquez, Ride BodyWorx Brand Ambassador.

Also new to the site is ‘The RIDE Guide’. ‘The RIDE Guide’ is the official blog of Ride BodyWorx and will take an irreverent probe into common issues all modern men have regarding love, dating and of course sex. The new Ride BodyWorx site also has a new feature called “Partners”; this is a form that will allow visitors to request more information on private labeling, sponsorships, and samples.

Vasquez added “RIDE may be the little brother of Sliquid, but it has its own identity separate of Sliquid. We are catering directly to the LGBTQ community in our marketing because we, as gay men, have a desire for products that are high quality and that speak directly to us…that make us feel provocative and sexy. A socially conscious brand like RIDE is who we are going to spend our money with, and there is a lot of buying power in our community.”

To place an order please contact your preferred distributor or email erik@ridelube.com for more information.

Follow RIDE BodyWorx through social media on Twitter @RideBodyWorx, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ridebodyworx/ and on Instagram @ridebodyworx

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See New Products from Sliquid at ANME

See New Products from Sliquid at ANME

Media Contact: Denise Kraft, NaughtyPR, denise@naughtypr.com, 206-852-1656

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 5, 2018 – Dallas, TX – Top natural intimates manufacturer, Sliquid, is proud to return to ANME with new and recently released products; including the Sliquid Refresh Cube, RIDE BodyWorx Stroke Oil, and convenient, travel-sized bottles of their Sliquid Swirl flavors, RIDE BodyWorx men’s line, and Shine Organic Toy Cleaner.

Sliquid (www.sliquid.com) is back at ANME, January 8-9, in booth #88-89 with their expansive collection of top-selling products from the Sliquid Naturals, Sliquid Organics, and The Balance Collection along with specialty products RIDE BodyWorx, Buck Angel’s T-Lube, and POP Lube. Sliquid will be introducing five existing products in the new 2oz size, including the four most popular flavors in the Swirl Naturals Collections – Green Apple Tart, Strawberry Pomegranate, Blue Raspberry, and Tangerine Peach. Sliquid Shine Toy Cleaner is also now available in the 2oz bottle making it safe to take in a carry-on or an easy up sell on any transaction. The Sliquid Shine Toy Cleaner is aloe vera based & water soluble and contains 95% Organic ingredients. Shine Toy Cleaner is hypoallergenic, 100% vegan friendly, non-toxic, and will not leave any residue.

“We live in a society that is constantly on the go. Lube isn’t just for the drawer in your bedroom nightstand anymore, so we have created an option that is both space-saving and super easy to toss in a carry on when you are off to live your best life. We believe in convenience + quality for our customers, which is why we are excited to add these smaller bottles to our ever-growing catalogue,” said Michelle Marcus, VP of Sales and Marketing for Sliquid, LLC.

Sliquid will also be displaying their new Sliquid Refresh Cube. The Refresh Cube is an on-the-go moisturizing pack, from Sliquid, containing six pillow packs of Sliquid Satin and six pillow packs of Sliquid Soul. The Refresh Lube Cube is perfect for travel use and the individual pillow packs can be easily hidden in a purse or pocket of a makeup bag.

Sliquid’s male-focused product line, RIDE BodyWorx will be releasing the popular rebranded Stroke Oil in an 8oz bottle. RIDE BodyWorx Stroke Oil, formally called ‘Dude Lube Rub Stroke Oil’, is a proprietary blend of natural nut and seed oils, infused with natural butters and silicone. This formula is ideal for massage and solo play, with a long lasting slickness that will leave your skin silky soft.

“Rub Stroke Oil was a favorite of Dude Lube customers, frankly, because it’s a surefire orgasm in a bottle. The slick, silky, irresistible texture and high-performance quality of this blend of oils made it a no-brainer in deciding to introduce the product to our portfolio of new RIDE vendors and end users,” said Erik Vasquez, RIDE BodyWorx Brand Ambassador.

RIDE Lube will also be proudly debuting their sleek 2oz version of RIDE Water-Based, RIDE Silicone, and RIDE Silk Hybrid. Perfect for every modern man on the go, this smaller option is perfect to throw into a gym bag so he’s never caught dry in the heat of the moment.

To learn more about Sliquid and RIDE BodyWorx visit the company websites http://Sliquid.com and www.RideLube.com. To set a meeting during ANME please email your sales representative or sales@sliquid.com. For RIDE BodyWorx, please email Erik Vasquez directly at erik@ridelube.com.

To place an order please contact your distributor or email sales@sliquid.com for more wholesale information.

Follow Sliquid through social media on Twitter @Sliquid, on Facebook www.facebook.com/sliquid and on Instagram @Sliquid.

Follow RIDE BodyWorx through social media on Twitter @RideBodyWorx, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ridebodyworx/ and on Instagram @ridebodyworx

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Sybian Inks Exclusive Partnership with Sliquid

Sybian Inks Exclusive Partnership with Sliquid

Media Contact: Denise Kraft, NaughtyPR, denise@naughtypr.com, 206-852-1656

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 13, 2016 – Las Vegas, NV- Maker of the world famous Sybian (www.sybian.com) announced today an exclusive partnership with award-winning body-safe personal glide developer Sliquid (www.sliquid.com).

Since its creation, Sybian has been a product designed and focused on improving Sexual Health and Wellness, long before they were buzzwords. Nearly 30 years later, Sybian continues to focus in this area and has struck an exclusive partnership with Sliquid to offer Sybian customers a wide range of all-natural, 100% vegan Sliquid personal glides. As part of the partnership, Sliquid has created a signature Sybian Lube Cube that will be included with the sale of every Sybian package and available for purchase exclusively at Sybian.com.

“We have been actively looking to offer consumers various products that compliment the Sybian and its massive user base”, said Dave Lampert Sybian Creator. “Sliquid immediately caught our attention; their dedication to creating a variety of intimate care with all-natural elements makes them an ideal partner.”

This partnership further extends Sybian’s investment this year into high quality, body-safe products, which include the release of two brand new all-silicone attachments: the G-Wave and Orb. Consumer interest and sales volume from the new attachments far exceeded expectation and will lead to new designs and production later this year.

“The Sliquid team and I were honored to have been approached by Sybian, an iconic brand with one of the most famous products in the intimate market,” Sliquid CEO Dean Elliott said. “We quickly learned that Dave and his team were as grounded and easy to work with as they are brilliant, and I couldn’t have asked for a more symbiotic partnership.”

The signature Sybian Lube Cube features four of Sybian’s favorite Sliquid products to enhance your Sybian ride. Each signature Sybian Lube Cube contains 12 individual pillow packs: 3 Sliquid Naturals H2O water-based, 3 Sliquid Naturals Sassy water-based gel, 3 Sliquid Naturals Silk silicone and water-based hybrid, and 3 Sliquid Naturals Sea water-based infused with seaweed extracts. The Sybian Lube Cube is available now exclusively on Sybian.com (https://sybian.com/product/sliquid-sybian-lube-cube/).

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About Sybian
Since its introduction in 1987 Sybian is still the most sophisticated sexual aid available on the market today. Sybian’s unrivaled powerful design and variety of attachments enable users to heighten their sexual responsiveness, achieve maximum pleasure and customize their orgasm with every use. The user-controlled vibration and rotation speeds, along with the ability to be mounted surpass the features of any other device on the market. Sybian is now available in Pink, Red, Purple, Blue, Earth and classic Black with a wide range of attachments available. For more information visit http://www.sybian.com and follow Sybian through social media on twitter @Sybian and on facebook https://www.facebook.com/sybianforwomen.

About Sliquid
Sliquid is the creator of personal glides, massage oils and bath & body products made using only natural elements and body-safe essential oils, botanicals and ingredients. The female-focused company is dedicated to creating effective intimate products that put the health and comfort of the consumer first and committed to keeping glycerin, parabens and petrochemicals out of every formula. Using sparse amounts of only the safest preservatives and natural alternatives to common irritating ingredients, Sliquid offers the cleanest, most natural glides on the market. Now with more than 60 products across a variety of collections – including Ride BodyWorx for Men – Sliquid is a brand that health-conscious consumers ask for by name and enjoy endlessly.