About Us

Social networking and online branding/marketing have become the forefront of how modern business conducts itself; any business model, regardless of size, product or field, that neglects this method of marketing will see themselves falling behind the competition at an exponential pace.

The merger of NaughtyTweet execs Pete Housley and Alyss Heart with Hourglass8 Media president Kelly Shibari brings together the combined business experience of three social media experts who have kept up with the current trends while keeping an eye on what is coming around the corner, not only in the adult industry but also in mainstream business, combined with already-established online avenues in which to broadcast, promote, and market to the adult consumer.

NaughtyPR provides clients with comprehensive public relations and branding options via Social Media and Social Networking as well as more traditional means such as press releases and public marketing. We not only work behind the scenes, but are also able to create real-time public marketing campaigns that can create instant recognizability for your product.

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